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Installing DataScene

Please remove any old DataScene installation before attempting to install a new release.

Microsoft Windows®

If you have downloaded the file from the internet (where x, y, z, w are the version numbers), follow these steps to set up DataScene:

  1. Extract the contents in to a location where you have write permission (e.g. your Desktop). For Windows XP/VISTA/7 operating systems, this can be done by right clicking the icon in a file explorer and selecting the Extract All... menu command. For other systems, the user needs to use a program that can extract zipped files (e.g. WinZip).
  1. In the extracted folder, double click the Setup.exe file to start the installation program.
  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up DataScene.

If you have an installation CD, insert it into your computer. The installation program should start automatically. If not, double click the Setup.exe program under the CD root directory to start the installation program. After the installation program starts, follow the instructions on the screen to set up DataScene.

Linux and Other Unix/X11 Based Operating Systems

  1. Open a shell and change to the directory where the installation file DataScene_nix-x.y.z.w.tar.gz (where x, y, z, w are the version numbers) is saved..
  1. Untar the installation file DataScene_nix-x.y.z.w.tar.gz by executing the command 'tar xvzf DataScene_nix-x.y.z.w.tar.gz'.
  1. Change to the newly created directory DataScene_nix.
  1. If you would like to perform a system-wide installation, switch to root by executing the command 'su' and supply the root password.
  1. Launch the installation script by executing the command './Install' and follow the on-screen instructions.


Uninstalling DataScene

Microsoft Windows®

To uninstall DataScene on Windows®, go to the Control Panel and click the Add or Remove Programs. In the popup dialog box, browse the entry of DataScene and then click the Remove button. Follow the instructions on the screen to remove DataScene.

Linux and Other Unix/X11 Based Operating Systems

To uninstall DataScene on Linux and other Unix/X11 based operating systems, simply delete the DataScene installation directory.


Updating DataScene

Upon successful installation, a shortcut called DataScene Updater is created in the Start menu. The DataScene program also has a Help: DataScene Updater menu command for the same purpose. The user may use this shortcut or the menu command to start the updater to check whether a new update is available. If so, the updater will prompt the user to download and install the update. It is recommended that the user perform this check biweekly to make DataScene up to date.


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