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Tutorial 2. Working with Projects and Documents

In this tutorial, we will learn about managing projects and documents. It is recommended that you read the topics Project and Document before continue.

Start the DataScene program. Select the Open Project menu command on the File menu or click the button on the Standard Toolbar, browse the Area.dts file in the ExamplesSample Graphs folder under the DataScene installation folder (which can be opened by selecting the Help: Demo Projects menu command) and open it. 

Fig. 1 A single project with four documents is opened in DataScene.


Upon opening, DataScene displays the four documents - one data table and three graph documents - of Area.dts in the document area as nested documents. You may select a document by clicking on its tab strip on the top of the document pane or clicking the corresponding node in the Workspace tab of the Navigator

Drag the caption of the Area document and drop it onto the bottom dock-site indicator of the document area of the main application window as shown in Fig. 2. This splits the the document area into two halves: the top half contains three nested documents: MultArea, Horizontal Area, and Data; the bottom half contains the Area document. 

Fig. 2. Docking the Area document onto the bottom dock-site indicator of the document area.


Double click the Area tab with the left mouse button. The Area document window is floated out of the main application window (Fig. 3). Double click the caption of the floating Area window to dock it back to the document area of the main application window.

Fig. 3. The Area document is floated out of the main application window.


Now open the Bars.dts file in the ExamplesSample Graphs folder under the DataScene installation folder. The documents of Bars.dts are nested in the top half of the document area. Select different tab strips of these documents and watch the contents in the ToolBox change as the type of the selected document changes.

Click on different nodes on the Workspace tab-page of the Navigator and watch the corresponding documents are activated in the top document area. Select the Bars project node in the Navigator by left clicking on it. After the node is highlighted, right click on it to open the context menu. On the context menu, select  the Hide menu command. DataScene hides all documents of the Bars project by removing them from the document area.

Fig. 4. Hiding of the Bars project.


Click on the Bar document node of the Bars project in the Navigator, the Bar document is re-displayed in the top document area of the main application window. Right click the Bar document node again in the Navigator to open the context menu, select the Rename menu command. DataScene changes the Bar document node into the editing mode. Type in the new document title "Bar Demo" and then click the mouse pointer outside of the editing rectangle. The Bar document now has a new title "Bar Demo". 

Fig. 5. Renaming the Bar document.


Right click the Bar Demo document node to open the context menu, this time select the Remove menu command. When DataScene pops up a confirmation dialog box, click the Yes button to confirm the deletion. The Bar Demo document is then deleted from the Bars project.

Fig. 6. Deleting the Bar Demo document from the Bars project.


Select the Stacked Horizontal Bars document, switch to the Graph tab-page of the Navigator. The three series in the document - horizBar1, horizBar2, and horizBar3 - are listed in the Graph tab-page, each with a check box in front of it. Unchecking the check box before horizBar2 hides horizBar2 - only horizBar1 and horizBar2 are left visible in the document window.

Fig. 7. Hiding the horizBar2 series of the Stacked Horizontal Bars document.


Close the main application window by selecting the Exit menu command from the File menu. When DataScene prompts to save the changed projects, click the No button so that any changes we have made to the two projects will not be saved.


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