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Triangle Surface Graph

Triangle Surface Chart

The Triangle Surface graph or series is used to represent a set of three-dimensional data as a mesh surface. It is very similar to the Surface series except that the mesh cells are triangular rather than rectangular. The Triangle Surface is perfect for displaying data with cylindrical symmetry on the xz plane.

It has three mandatory series components, Position, Depth and Value. The data in the Position and Depth components must form a 2D triangular grid on the xz plane. The elevations of the mesh cells are determined by the data in the Value component. The series also has an optional series component called LabelMember whose data may be used as the mark labels for the mesh cells. 

The mesh cells can be colored in the following ways. If the UseGradient property is set to true, the mesh cells will be colored using a color gradient according to its elevation value in the Value component. The color gradient is formed using the start, middle, and end colors that are determined by the StartColor, MidColor, and EndColor properties, respectively. If the UsePalette property is set to true, the mesh cells will be colored using a predefined color palette that is specified by the PaletteStyle property. If both the UseGradient and the UsePalette properties are set to false, the mesh cells will be colored using the color specified by Brush property.


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