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Series Editor

This editor is used to customize series properties. Series properties are listed as name and value pairs in an embedded property grid with which the properties can be customized.


Select the available series whose properties need to be customized. The series selected in the list box becomes the active series.

Property Grid

Select a property that needs to be customized by clicking on its name or value cell in the property grid. For a text property (e.g. the Name property of a series), edit its value directly in its value cell; for a property whose value cell shows a dropdown button (e.g. the ColorEach property of the Line series), click the dropdown button and select a pre-defined value; for complex properties whose value cells shows a editor button , click the button to open the appropriate property editor with which the property can be customized.


Click this button to add a new series to the active graph.


Click this button to remove the active series.


Click this button to accept the settings and close this editor.


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