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Monitoring and Charting Real-time Data

This task requires that a real-time data generating program is dumping data to a text file (the data source) periodcally. To monitor and graph the data source, follow these steps:

  1. Create an empty project by selecting the File: New Project menu command or by clicking the icon on the Standard Toolbar.

  2. Select the Project: Add To Project...: Data From Text File(s) menu command or the button on the Standard Toolbar to open the Text Data Source dialog box.  

  3. In the File Source group-box of the dialog box, double click the cell with the text "Double click to add files(s)..." to open the File Open dialog box. Select the data-source file and then close the File Open dialog box.

  4. In the File Source group-box of the dialog box, set the Persistence property for the file to Linked, close the dialog box by clicking its OK button.

  5. With the newly added data table selected as the active document (a document can be activated by clicking the corresponding node in the Navigator), select the appropriate graph tools on the ToolBox under the All Graphs, Common Graphs, Financial Graphs, Statistical Graphs, or Special Graphs tab to  plot the data.

  6. With the data table selected as the active document again, click on the Data Tools tab of the ToolBox to expand it. Select the Refresh Linked Data tool to open the Refresh Linked Data dialog box

  7. In the dialog box, check the Repetitive Refresh check box and make sure that the value in the Timeout (ms) spin box is about 10 times larger than the data-source updating period. 

  8. Click the Start button to start the real-time refreshing. Both the data and its dependent series will be refreshed automatically when the data-source file is updated by the updating program.

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