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The Navigator is a dock panel that contains controls with which the user navigates opened projects and documents. The navigator window contains two tabs: the Workspace tab and the Graph tab.


The Workspace tab lists all opened projects and their child documents in a hierarchical tree view: each project is represented as a project node ,  each graph document as a graph node , each data table as a data-table node , and each data sequence as a data-sequence node .

Selection of a node makes the corresponding project or document active. The Workspace tab also has a context menu which can be opened by right clicking inside the Workspace tab. With the context menu the user can rename the title of the selected project or document (the Rename menu command), hide the selected document (the Hide menu command), and remove the selected document or close the selected project (the Remove menu command). Single left clicking on a selected node enables the user to edit the title of the selected node.


The Graph tab lists all series of the active graph in the drawing order of the series: the first drawn series is listed on the top, the second drawn series is listed beneath it, and so on till the the last drawn series is listed on the bottom. To switch the drawing orders of two series, drag the node of one series and drop it onto the node of the other on the Graph tab.

The check box before each series node on the Graph tab shows the visibility of the series. Checking or unchecking the check box shows or hides the corresponding series on the active graph.

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