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Graph Theme

A graph theme is a collection of visual settings that can be applied to the active graph document. Each setting specifies the value for a specific graph property (e.g. the background brush or the border pen of the graph panel, the default color palette, the font of the graph legend, etc). After a theme is applied to the active graph document, all properties controlled by the theme are changed accordingly while the rest remain unchanged.

Supported theme are listed in the Graph Theme combo-box on the Graph ToolBar. Selecting a value in this combo-box applies the corresponding theme to the active graph document. The theme of the active graph document can be saved into a file with the Export Graph dialog box that can be opened by selecting the Export menu command on the Graph menu. A saved theme file can be applied to the active graph document by selecting Load From File in the Graph Theme combo-box and then selecting the desired theme file in the Load Theme From File dialog box.


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