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Data Table

A data table is a document that contains one collection of tabular data. The data are displayed as columns and rows of a table in a dock panel . The table cells in the first column (except for the topmost one) are row headers on which the row numbers are displayed. The table cells in the first row (except for the leftmost one) are column headers on which the column names are displayed. A data table is symbolized by the icon shown on its tab strip and on the corresponding node in the Navigator. When a data table is selected as the active document, the Data menu (which is also the context menu of the data- table document) is activated and its menu commands can be used to manipulate the data table. The contents of this menu is context sensitive and change as the selection state of the data table changes.

To select one row or column in a data table, left click the row or column header. To select multiple rows or columns, press down and hold the left mouse button on the header of the first row or column and drag to include the headers of the rest rows or columns. Release the left mouse button on the header of the last row or column. Alternatively, left clicking the header of a row or column while holding down the Ctrl key adds the corresponding row or column to the selected rows or columns.

A data table can be used as the data source of a series. Each mandatory component of the series is associated with a specific column of its source data table.  This data column - series component association can be performed with the Series Components dialog box that can be opened by selecting the Add To Project...: Data From Text File(s) menu command on the Project menu or by editing the SeriesComponents property within the Series Editor. If the contents of the source data table are  changed for any reason, all dependent graphs - graphs that use the data table as their data source - will be automatically refreshed to use the new data.

When the data in a text file is imported into DataScene, a data table will be created in the active project to contain the data. An empty data table can be added to the active project by selecting the Add To Project...: Empty Data Table menu command on the Project menu or by clicking the button on the Standard ToolBar. The user may edit a data table by moving the mouse pointer into the desired data cell and then editing directly. The user may also apply column and/or cell formulas to a data table or set up 2D grids on it.


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