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Data Sequence

A data sequence is a collection of ordered data tables. All data tables in the data sequence have the same structure - the same number of columns and the same column names. A data sequence is displayed in a dock panel the same way as a data table is displayed. At any given time, the data sequence is always displayed with the data and name of one data table in the data sequence - this particular data table is referred to as the current data table of the data sequence. A data sequence is symbolized by the icon shown on the tab strip of the data-sequence window and on the corresponding node in the Navigator

There are two ways to add a data sequence to the active project. The first way is to import multiple text files having the same structure into the active project as a data sequence. This can be done by checking the Import file(s) as a data sequence check box in the File Source group box of the the Text Source dialog box while importing the files. The second way is to add an empty data sequence to the active project by selecting the Add To Project...: Data Sequence menu command on the Project menu.

The current data table in a data sequence can be edited the same way as a normal data table. Changes made to the structure (i.e. number of columns and column names) of the current data table will be automatically committed to all data tables in the data sequence. Addition and deletion of data tables and changing the sequential orders of the data tables in the data sequence can be performed with the Data Sequence Editor, which can be opened by selecting the Sequence Editor menu command on the Data menu (which is also the context menu of the data-sequence window). To change the sequential order of a data table, simple drag and drop it to the desired position in the Data Sequence Editor.

A data sequence can be used to generate graph animation, please refer to the topic Animation through Sequence for details.


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