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Column and Cell Formulas

A column or cell formula is a mathematical expression that applies to a data table column or cell. To apply a formula to the selected column or cell, select the Set Formula menu command on the Data menu to open the Column/Cell Formula dialog box with which a formula can be created and applied. Column or cell formulas can be reapplied to the corresponding columns or cells by selecting the Column Formulas tool or the Cell Formulas tool on the ToolBox.

DataScene takes care to evaluate column formulas: it first checks whether the column formulas form a circular condition: a condition where a column formula depends on another column formula that is directly or indirectly depends on the former. If such a condition is found, DataScene issues an error message and stops the formula evaluation. Otherwise, DataScene automatically evaluates the column formulas in a correct way that satisfies the dependencies among the column formulas. It is important to note that no such checks are performed in evaluating cell formulas. 

If a column formula contains the time parameter T, it is called a time-dependent formula and the data table is called a time-dependent data table. A series that use a time-dependent data table as its data source is called a time-dependent series. If a graph contains at least one time-dependent series, the graph is called a time-dependent graph and its parent graph document is called a time-dependent graph document. Graph animation can be generated using time-dependent data tables, please refer to the topic Animation through Time Travel for details..


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