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BoxPlot Graph

Boxplot Chart

The BoxPlot graph or series is used to represent the distribution of a data set. It has only one series component, Sample, which contains the data whose distribution to be displayed by the series.

The WhiskerLength property is used to specify the whisker length in terms of the interquartile range (IQR). Data whose values are WhiskerLength * IQR smaller than the first quartile (Q1) or WhiskerLength * IQR larger than the third quartile (Q3) are considered outliers. Outliers whose values are 2 * WhiskerLength * IQR smaller than Q1 or 2 * WhiskerLength * IQR larger than Q3 are considered "extreme" outliers while the rest are considered "mild" outliers.

The MildOut and ExtrOut  properties specify the the graphical properties of mild and extreme outliers, respectively.


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