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Creating Graph and Chart Animation with DataScene

Chart Animation by DataScene, a Graph Animation SoftwareWith DataScene, creating graph and chart animation becomes an extreme easy task. The created animations can be played back within or without DataScene and embedded into Microsoft® PowerPoint and web pages for scientific and business presentations at classes, conferences, and web sites. 

DataScene provides the following two ways of creating graph and chart animation.

Graph Animation Using Mathematical Models

If you have a mathematical formula containing a parameter that changes with time (e.g. time itself), then you can easily create graph animation using the formula. In this method, the time-dependent formula is used to generate data for graphs, and the Time Travel tool is then used to tick the clock. A chart animation is created as DataScene auto refreshes the graphs as a result of time change. This method is useful for creating scientific animations based on known models. See examples: plane-wave propagation, and multi-graph animation.


Graph Animation Using Sequences of DataAnimated Graph of Wavepacket

If you have a sequence of data of similar structure that are acquired from other means, then you can easily create graph animation using them. In this method, the sequence of data are imported into DataScene as a data sequence and then plotted as a graph sequence. The Graph Sequence tool is then used to play back the "frames" of the graphs in the sequence and a chart animation is therefore created. This method is useful for creating animations using data acquired from experiments or other processes. See example: infrared spectrum of CH.

Presenting Animated Graphs and Charts

Animated graphs and charts created by DataScene can be played back online within DataScene using the Time Travel or the Graph Sequence tool. DataScene also allows the user to export them to files in either the animated GIF or the AVI format. The exported animated graphs can then be embedded into web pages, PowerPoint presentations, or be played back using a media player.

Ease of Use

DataScene comes with a user friendly Wizard, as well as tutorials and context-sensitive help. With the Wizard, it takes only few minutes for a new user to learn to create his/her first animated graph with DataScene. 


Video Tutorial on Creating Animated Graphs


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