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Animated Graph of WavepacketDataScene - A Technical Plotting, Animation, Data Analysis, and Data Monitoring Program

DataScene is a scientific graphing, animation, data analysis, and monitoring program. DataScene is developed with the latest generation graphical library and computational technology. 

DataScene features an extremely powerful and user-friendly interface. The user can easily plot brilliant 2D & 3D graphs (Area graph, Bar graph, Contour graph, Pie graph, Line graph, Histogram graph, Surface graph, Polar graph, and more) with scientific, financial, and statistical data, manipulate, print, and export high quality graphs, analyze data with various mathematical methods (fitting curves, calculating statics, FFT, and more), create attractive graph animations for presentations, classes, and web pages, and monitor and chart real-time data with a few mouse clicks.

DataScene is an ideal tool for scientists, engineers, and office users to graph and analyze their data for publications, reports, and presentations.

Feature Highlights

small diamond Plotting 39 types of graphs with brilliant graph quality. Screenshot of DataScene, a technical graphing program
small diamond 3D canvas for most graph types.
small diamond Supporting a wide variety of highly customizable graphical elements, such as transparent color, solid brush, gradient brush, image brush, hatch brush with 56 textures, shadow, visual aspect settings, etc.
small diamond Highly customizable and feature-rich graph axes, legend, marks, titles, and walls.
small diamond Rich text graph annotations with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.
small diamond Supporting 16 built-in graph themes and custom theme.
small diamond Analyzing and processing data using column and cell formulas.
small diamond Processing graphs with various series functions, such as Cublic Spline, Moving Average, Integrate, Differentiate, FFT, Nonlinear Regression/Curve Fitting, and more.
small diamond Powerful math parser supporting various built-in mathematical and text functions, including special functions such as Bessel, Beta, Gamma, Error, Hypergeometric, etc.
small diamond Creating chart animation using time-dependent mathematical formulas.
small diamond Creating chart animation using sequences of business and/or scientific data.
small diamond Monitoring, charting, and processing real-time data. Scientific Chart Example: Contour
small diamond Importing data from MS Excel, and various text file formats (any delimiters, CSV, and fixed-width columns), ODF spreadsheets, and MS Access databases.
small diamond Exporting to a variety of graph formats: BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, EMF, PostScript, and PDF.
small diamond Exporting animated charts to AVI and animated GIF for offline presentations (e.g., with PowerPoint), classes, and web pages.
small diamond Super clean, friendly, context-sensitive, and configurable user interface.
small diamond A rich set of graphical and data tools.
small diamond Automatic graph update and result recalculation upon data source change.

Supported Operating Systems3D Line Graph

Windows(98SE, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and Win7), Linux, and Unix/X11.


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